Janez Cimerman J.cimko@gmail.com

In addition to larger projects, I like to sometimes work on smaller, more simple ones. This time, I wanted to make a good gift for a special person. This had to be useful, great, beauty full and breath taking. Knowing that girls love flowers and that nobody dislikes LED lights , I had to make some kind of combination. So I immediately rush to my workshop. And what was the product of 2 days of work?

A special vase into which any plant can be planted. What is special about it, is a smart system that measures the moisture in the soil. When the soil is to dry, vase detects that the plant needs re-flooding. This is when the “attention” system executes and very bright red LED lights start to blink, informing us that the plant needs water. The bright LED lights can even be seen in daylight.

After using it, i knew this can be so much more than just a blinking thing, so with the help of my brother (master of programming) we added “Disco mode”. In this mode the vase starts to change color rapidly and it gives a dark room a disco light effects. It also has a “stop” function, which when activated, the color stops to change and stays the same for as long as you want. 

You see the vase on youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc1BzGlaxWM


Watering flowers has truly never been simpler.