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Now that 3D printer is up and running smoothly, I’ve decided to dedicate myself to new and improved version of path-finding robot. The project because of which I’ve actually started writing this blog is called Roby and it is already mentioned in one of the earlier posts.

For the this stage of project I’ve teamed up with LTFE; one of the laboratories on faculty of Electricity in Ljubljana. That is why the name of the new robot is LTFE Robot. The goal is to create a robot that will be able to find path to goals set by people or software. I’ve decided to split the project in two parts:

1) Make the robot (all hardware on robot)

2) Test different software and hardware options and use the best preforming ones.

3) Test different localization systems and path finding algorithms.

4) Make additional changes to robot, so it is up to specific tasks.


So this is the beginning of the part one: MAKE IT!

Having already done robot Roby I mainly drawn inspiration from it and modified the parts that I didn’t like. Here are the parts that were ordered from Internet for the new robot:

LTFE robot BOM (not yet full, because project isn’t finished yet)

In this BOM I didn’t include the power supply 120W, wires and other basic electronics because I already had them laying around.


First thing you do on the robot is draw and make a frame. Mine is made of plywood and colored in dark green. Wheels are also wooden, but covered with soft foam and rubber for traction.

Next pictures are self explanatory.

Raw colorless frame

WP_000538 WP_000541WP_000539