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In August 2014 I was a part of a MakerCamp based wery closed to Berlin wall. Makers from the whole world came to Berlin where we spent 1 month learning how to transform a container in to real Maker-space and then use it to work on our own projects. At the end we presented our projects on the DemoDay. This is my blogpost at the end of the final day:

The Demoday

The ultimate day is over. We finally got to represent our Camps work and despite all the technical problems I think we really succeeded. The presentations were really awesome and in a way I think we made an even better impression on public because we worked with however little we had. After presenting our prototypes we’ve got some great feedback from people. When asking people what would they change about my LEDP they come up whit some pretty great ideas that I will definitely apply to the next, improved prototype. The best moments followed afterwards in the bar where we celebrated our victory. I really learned a lot today which is the very thing I came here to do. In Friday I am going back home and I will definitely have a lot to talk about. In the near future I want to apply all my knowledge to contribute when making a MakerLab in my university. I do not think I am ready to go to the industrial level with LEDP yet but what I learned about croudfounding and sturtups here will probably be very useful to me sometime in the future. Right now I want to concentrate to finishing school and do as much traveling as possible while I am not tied to anything serious. I can surly say  that  this was the best day for me because I saw all our hard work finally pay off.

During the month we, participants and organizers, really became a family that I will never forget and always try to keep contact with. The people that I worked with here really gave me back some hope in humanity and taught me that the road of life is not all about the money but about the friendships you get and keep along the way. Thank you everyone! 

Janez Cimerman  
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