Janez Cimerman J.cimko@gmail.com

A few years ago I made my first Attiny project named SIMON, and now i’m opensourcing the project here.

You can see it in action here:


Here you can get the code which is in .ino file and the PCB scheme which I used.


circuit scheme can be opened in SprintLayout for tweaks, but is printable as JPG file


Required hardware parts are:

– Attiny 85 and some chip legs for it

– 3 LEDS (any colour; I used red, green and blue)

– 1000Ohm resistor 3x (for LEDs)

– 10kOhm resistor 2x (for resistive touch sensor)

– 6V button battery

– Material to build the frame; I used plexiglass

– Some wires


This is the picture of resistor and LED positions. You need to make the ORAGE connections yourself with wires and connect them to the battery.




If you have any additional questions, do not hestitate to ask in the comments or on my email.